Childbirth Training is Important

Preparing for Your Ideal Birth

Childbirth Training to Experience Your Ideal Birth

What Childbirth Means to Me

I know from personal experience – 4 times to be exact – that natural childbirth can be gentle. I can not guarantee that for you, but with the proper childbirth training and knowledge, it is possible.

For me, childbirth is spiritual, physical and mental. Please read my former posts about the power of relaxation and the influence of fear in which I explain how the mind can motivate the body to do amazing things.

“It is not only that we want to bring about an easy labor, without risking injury to the mother or the child; we must go further. We must understand that childbirth is fundamentally a spiritual, as well as a physical, achievement… The birth of a child is the ultimate perfection of human love.”

Dr. Grantly Dick-Read

British obstetrician and a leading advocate of natural childbirth (1890 - 1959)

Childbirth Requires Training

Just like everything else, ‘from nothing comes nothing’, meaning, you have to train your mind and body for your ideal birth.

I often compare birth preparation with marathon training. My husband ran the Helsinki City Marathon in the summer of 2013. He didn’t just wake up that morning and run 42.195 km. He probably would have keeled over after 12! Oh no, he trained a total of 12 months in which 6 months prior to the race, he followed a strict regimen not only involving running, but also his diet.

Childbirth is Like a Marathon

How To Train For Childbirth

In the MyGentleBorn Complete Course, I teach relaxation, breathing and visualization techniques based on the Hypnobirthing philosophy in 4 x 3 hour weekly classes. Outside of class, you will use these techniques to continue to train your body and mind for the most amazing day of your life.

Some students say this course is life changing. Meet Polina in our video, a former MyGentleBorn student who was inspired so much from this course and her 2nd birth experience, that she became certified to teach her own MyGentleBorn courses in Finland. We do not guarantee this amount of motivation, but we wouldn’t be surprised either.

If you can not find a suitable time for a class, please contact me so that we can work something out.

Have you experienced natural childbirth? How was it for you? Please share with others below!


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