Amazing Birth Stories

Stories that Soothe Your Soul and Inspire Your Mind

Laura’s Birth Story

Laura’s Birth Story

Before going to the MyGentleBorn’s Childbirth Course based on HypnoBirthing, I wouldn’t have believed that a drug-free natural birth could be possible for me and was in awe of those who did it. Little did I know this birth would go differently than I expected.

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Felix’s Birth Story

Felix’s Birth Story

Once I got over 9 days late, I started to panic and my focus was drawn away from the calm birth. … After a pep talk from Awital, I managed to get myself refocused and spent my time listening to the affirmations and telling my beautiful baby that it was safe for him to arrive.

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Tiffany’s Birth Story

My first pregnancy, though successful, left me feeling like my labor was “out of control” and I was disappointed in how things progressed on that special day. Once the doctors assured me that I could try for a vaginal delivery after cesarean (VBAC) for my second child, I started doing some research. I stumbled across Awital at MyGentleBorn.

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Gaia’s Birth Story

I spent the day up and about, eagerly awaiting a pattern to indicate that I was approaching active labor. I ate a lot! I was so hungry. I took a nap.

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Russo’s Birth Story

Have you ever heard of one of those unbelievable births; the one that takes place in a taxicab, along the freeway in rush hour or even on a transatlantic flight? We are fascinated and mystically in awe of that woman who can give birth in such a strange place without...

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Noa’s Birth Story

On our way to the hospital Alicia was listening to the Rainbow Relaxation CD and I could see that she was already in deep relaxation, in the “zone”, her own personal space where she was in control of the pain associated with surges. Once we arrived she got into the...

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Erika’s Birthstory

Our beautiful son Santiago Josue Leon was born Monday April 25th, 2011 at 3:02 a.m. weighing 7 lbs. 8 oz. and 20.5 in. long.  I wanted to briefly share with you, the amazing story of how God brought him into this world. My original due date was April 16, which made...

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Unplanned Home Birth

My Unplanned Home (or actually, minivan) Birth Our third beautiful boy was born in the back of our mini-van on Sunday, December 6, 2009 at 10:21 PM. It was a cold, snowy night, and the experience has changed me forever. I secretly always wanted a home birth, but I was...

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