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      What is HypnoMotherhood

      Do you often get told how things will change once your baby arrives? How you won’t be able to do this or that anymore? Basically, people telling you all those things you’ll have to ‘give up’? From freedom to sleep to comfort? HypnoMotherhood not only teaches you how to ignore those negative comments but will also prepare you for your transition into motherhood.

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      Why I Do What I Do

      The main reason why I teach HypnoBirthing is Because Birth Matters. Birth is empowering! And because I support the Birth Revolution. What’s that all about?

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      The Messy Postpartum Period

      I see you over there in your sweatpants. You haven’t showered for days, your hair is messy, you are sleep deprived. No, let’s not even go there… Wouldn’t a mani / pedi be nice right now?

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      Five HypnoBirthing Myths Debunked

      HypnoBirthing carries with it some scepticism. Many don’t believe birth can be a calm and relaxing experience. What do you think? Read these 5 myths about HypnoBirthing and comment with your opinion. Let’s get this conversation going!

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      Why Birth Matters

      Have you ever heard this? “All that matters is that you and your baby are healthy.” Really? Is that ALL that matters? To be honest, I don’t think so.

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      What is HypnoBirthing Anyway

      When you see or hear the word HypnoBirthing, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Are you picturing a man leaning over you swinging a watch on a chain? If you are, you’re not alone.

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      Laura’s Birth Story

      Before going to the MyGentleBorn’s Childbirth Course based on HypnoBirthing, I wouldn’t have believed that a drug-free natural birth could be possible for me and was in awe of those who did it. Little did I know this birth would go differently than I expected.

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      Listen to Your Body to Find the Right Birthing Position

      Do you ever wonder why non-human mammals don’t lie on their backs when they give birth? It’s not natural, not for them or us. Did you know that lying on your back closes your pelvis by 30% which increases delivery time and pain? There are alternative positions as you know. Let’s explore a few right now.

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      How HypnoBirthing Could Have Helped Me

      I met Awital 7 years too late. Seven years after I was pregnant with my one and only baby. I won’t have another chance at birth and my pregnancy and birth were not ideal because I didn’t know any better. But with my knowledge now, I can possibly help other women. Now it’s time to share my birth story.

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      Not Everything Works According to Plan

      Have you ever been so excited about a particular event and every minute leading up to it was filled with joy and anticipation? But as soon as you arrived to that moment, it felt like you were run over by an 18-wheeler instead? Welcome to my Christmas holiday vacation!

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      What Does the Perfect Birth Mean to You

      What IS the perfect birth anyway? A perfect birth is about you taking control of your birth, being empowered, feeling confident and transforming your fears into positive feelings. And having the confidence to ask questions and being informed about what is going on during your birth and, therefore, being able to make the right decision in that moment, on that day.

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      Birth Affirmations Help Reduce Stress and Build Confidence

      Birth Affirmations are positive statements about you, your baby and your birth. Through repetition, calming music and motivational inner dialogue, you alone have the ability of transforming any negative thoughts you may have about giving birth into positive ones.

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      How To Strengthen Your Family Relationship With Love

      ‘Tis the season to buy presents – and love? What? Do you also struggle with the gift giving craziness during the holiday season? If we teach our children how to show gratitude in natural ways, we will give them the best gift we can give and our future world will be a kinder and more respectful to others and nature because of it.

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