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Questions about Hypnobirthing 

What exactly is Hypnobirthing or hypnosis?

Hypnosis puts you in a very “inward-focused” state, in which you are very relaxed and less aware of outside influences. This state is also called a trance. It’s a natural state in which we find ourselves every day (e.g. when we daydream or “sink” into a movie). With Hypnobirthing, you’ll learn various techniques on how you can achieve this deeply relaxed state even during childbirth so that you can experience a relaxed and positive birth. I explained this question in more detail in the following blog post:


Read Blog post: “What is Hypnobirthing Anyway?”

What does hypnosis or a trance-state feel like?

First of all, it‘s important to know that a trance is a relaxed state and hypnosis is the way we achieve this state.

Sometimes, the words are used interchangeably for example, when you say “I was in hypnosis”, what actually happens is: “I was in a trance-state that I achieved through hypnosis”.

How do you feel when you’re in a trance-state? You actually already know the answer because you’re probably in this state every single day. A trance is a completely natural state in which every person goes in and out of from time to time. We just don’t call it trance. Daydreaming, for example, is a trance-like state. Or right before you start to fall asleep, you’re completely relaxed. We can even find ourselves in a trance-like state when we watch a film and “sink” into it. The trance is perceived as a pleasant experience, but how it feels exactly is a little different for everyone.

Can I prepare for childbirth with Hypnobirthing without a partner?

 Of course you can prepare for your birth with Hypnobirthing without a partner. However, I highly recommend you have a companion who also wants to be present during your birth.

There are two reasons for this. On the one hand, your companion can fully support you if they are also familiar with Hypnobirthing techniques. On the other hand, it’s also important for the accompanying person to have the opportunity to prepare for the coming birth, to ask questions and to handle things appropriately that can happen during birth.

If you don’t have someone who can accompany you during birth, I highly recommend that you think about hiring a doula who will fully support you.

Do Hypnobirthing techniques work for everyone?

If you make a conscious decision, take the time, learn and practice the techniques, then they work. Some women need a little more time than others. It’s like children learning to ride a bike. They practice and practice, fall down, get up again and voila, all of a sudden, they’re riding a bike.

It’s very important to show you different approaches for a specific technique such as breathing, so that you can find out for yourself what works best for you. I provide individual support and see myself as a catalyst and initiator. Learning these techniques is a process that takes time. But if you make the commitment and have the desire, then it’ll work.

Can't I just teach myself Hypnobirthing?

My personal opinion is that it‘s not a good idea to prepare for childbirth via Hypnobirthing alone. Yes, you can theoretically read about it in books or download guides from the internet. I have two reasons though why I think it’s beneficial to approach this via coaching – either in a group or individually, but obviously I am aware that this is my personal opinion based on my experience.

The first reason is that Hypnobirthing isn’t just about gaining knowledge, it’s about practicing what you’ve learned. And taking a deep dive into the techniques over a longer period of time. This kind of practice works much better in a group or with a coach. Think of it like going through a fitness training program. Sure, it’s totally possible to do this alone at home. But, how motivated are you after the initial few days or weeks? Most people quit if they don’t have support from external sources. Be it a personal coach or with a group. To reflect with other people makes a big difference.

The second reason has to do with your self-worth. How much are you willing to invest in yourself when preparing for your birth? As soon as you make a financial investment in yourself, you really want it to work out and will be more willing to invest the necessary time and commitment so that you’re successful and reach your goal. Same scenario as with the fitness studio. If you’re paying for a membership, you’re more apt to go. If you train on your own at home, you don’t have as much motivation to get off the couch.


Is painless birth possible with Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is often associated with a pain-free birth. It’s amazing when women experience this. But – and this is very important to understand – it doesn’t mean that it’s possible for every birth, or for every woman. For this reason, I cannot promise you a pain-free birth and I also don’t want to give you the impression that you’ll definitely have one.

For me, it’s much more important to achieve freedom from fear and to give birth powerfully and with self-confidence. A birth has so many different faces and is also a very individual experience. It can feel powerful, intense, grounded, with a lot of energy and pressure and many other sensations. A Hypnobirthing birth is indeed often more pleasant and less painful because women have a lot of techniques at their disposal to be able to experience their ideal birth at an emotional level.

But, if you set such a high goal of having a pain-free birth, the disappointment of not getting that can be very high. Again, and again women come into my practice with feelings of guilt and failure. Once these self-sabotaging feelings sink in, it takes an extreme amount of effort to do the reverse work of self-empowerment and development so that they can find reconcile with their birth and can accept that it was just fine the way it was.

Does Hypnobirthing also work in hospitals?

Absolutely. Whether you’re at home, a birth center or hospital, Hypnobirthing can always help you have your ideal birth experience because the techniques are location-independent and work wherever you use them. I myself, gave birth twice at home, once in the hospital and once at the birth center and each time, the Hypnobirthing techniques supported me in the most wonderful way. Read a few personal Hypnobirthing stories from mothers who gave birth at the hospital.

Read a few personal Hypnobirthing stories


Will Hypnobirthing help me if a caesarean is planned?

It may sound strange, but Hypnobirthing techniques are not just techniques that you learn once, use at birth, and never use again. It’s not a history exam. You can use Hypnobirthing techniques all your life – especially for a planned caesarean section. Think of these techniques like a toolbox. When a critical or unexpected situation arises that causes fear or stress, you can use the right tool that will help you deal with it calmly and in a relaxed state, allowing you to make the most out of the situation.

Hypnobirthing techniques also support you during the puerperium period. Basically, learning Hypnobirthing techniques is an investment for many life experiences, not just for birth.


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Questions about Group Courses

When is the best time for the course?

It’s important that you still have enough time to practice what you learned in the course. Therefore, I recommend starting a course within your 20th and 25th week of pregnancy.

Will my individual questions be answered in the course?

Of courseI try to respond to the individual needs and personal questions of all participants in the group course as much as possible. Therefore, the number of participants in the group course  is limited to a maximum of 10 participants (4 – 5 couples).

If you’d like to receive even more individual care from me or would simply like to do the birth preparation without the presence of others, then I recommend my individual coaching or online coaching packages.


Individual Coaching

Group course or individual coaching – what‘s right for me?

It depends on where you are along your journey and what you need. Maybe you’re excited to participate in this training with a group of other empowered women. Or you may want and need a little more personal support or feel it’s important to be able to address difficult or traumatic topics in a private setting. The group course dates may also not fit your schedule. In these cases, private coaching will be more beneficial to you. 

If you’re unsure of what would suit you best, schedule a free 20 min call with me and I’ll be happy to assist you in making the right decision for you.


Book a free 20 min call to get your questions answered

Will my health insurance pay for the course?

That depends on your health insurance company. Since Hypnobirthing is becoming more and more popular, many health insurance companies contribute to the course fees in their supplementary insurance package. To find out how this is handled, please ask your health insurance provider directly. After completing the course, you’ll receive a certificate of participation which you can then submit to your insurance company.

Question about Individual Coaching – Online and In-Person

What’s the difference between individual and group coaching?

Individual coaching can take place when you have time. If the dates for the group courses are not suitable for you or they’re fully booked, then individual coaching offers an alternative that is based on your personal needs.

The biggest advantage is that one-on-one coaching is tailored to you and your specific needs. Especially if you’ve already had negative experiences or want to address very personal issues, such as abortion. You’ll have a greater opportunity to do that via individual coaching.

I, of course, also take the individual needs of the participating couples in group courses into account as much as possible, but with one-on-one coaching, I only take care of you and your partner. So, it’s much more individual and personal

I don't live near Baden or in Switzerland for that matter – can I still book individual coaching?

Yes. I developed my online coaching offer specifically for this purpose. It’s just as individual and personal as individual coaching, only that it takes place online – for example via Skype or Zoom – and is therefore completely independent of location. So, if you live too far away or simply travel a lot and don’t have time to participate in group or individual coaching here in Baden, then the individual online coaching is a great alternative


View my online coaching offer

Individual online coaching – what should I expect?

It’s actually very similar to meeting you in person, only that the meetings take place via Skype or Zoom. Therefore, online coaching is completely location-independent. No matter where you are, you can participate as long as you have a good internet connection. And in terms of time, I can arrange my schedule around yours.


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Birth preparation via computer – can personal training be done on the computer?

I admit, this does sound strange. But, believe me, it works very well. If you’re skeptical, feel free to read a few customer testimonials from former online coaching clients unter testimonials. To find out if it’ll work for you, let’s test it out together during a free clarification call:


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