The MyGentleBorn Childbirth Approach

Discover how Childbirth can be Stress-free, Comfortable and Relaxing

The MyGentleBorn classes are based on the Hypnobirthing philosophy, an intensive mental training that uses powerful breathing, relaxation and visualization techniques, allowing you to remain emotionally and physically relaxed during labor.

The Power of Relaxation

In a state of total relaxation, mothers often experience minor discomfort or even no pain at all during labor and birth.

In the MyGentleBorn classes, you have the ability to experience birth in a relaxed state, staying fully in control to actively influence birth in a positive manner.

The Art and Joy of a Gentle Birth

The MyGentleBorn classes are taught in a pleasant atmosphere, with or without your partner. You will be introduced to “the art and joy of a gentle birth”, one that is right for yourself, your partner and your baby.

In the MyGentleBorn Birth Preparation classes, you will learn how to transform any negative expectations you might have regarding birth to positive ones.

We will also teach you how to overcome your fears, trust your natural birthing instincts and use your mind in the best way possible to prepare you for a more comfortable and positive birth experience.

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