What others say

Find out how a positive birth has enriched so many lives

What others say

Find out how a positive birth has enriched so many lives

Be inspired by the very personal success stories of women who have given birth to their children using the MyGentleBorn method. They show you that a self-determined, fear-free and positive birth is possible.


Leigh M.

Hypnobirthing – Group Course
Hello Awital, We felt so relaxed and enthusiastic after the Sunday session. We even decided to have a look at the Birth Center, because a friend had recommended it to us, and I feel more comfortable with alternatives outside the hospital.
Thanks again for a wonderful day! We will talk again soon!


Romy K.

Birth Hypnosis – Individual Coaching
Hello Awital, I feel much better since our last session. I feel I can distance myself much better  and I don’t think about these issues all the time. It has also decreased a bit, but I try to strengthen myself over and over again with my  own ressources – the two power animals or my safe place –  and that helps a lot.  I am very happy we had this session! Thank you very much. 


M. & J. Wall

Hypnobirthing – Group Class
Dear Awital, Thank you so much for guiding us through the last 5 weeks of your birth preparation classes. From the very beginning, the classes completely changed my perspective of childbirth as a daunting , scary, painful experience to the natural special and easier experience it can and will be (all going according to plan !) … now we are rally looking forward to it and of course to meeting our little miracle! So thank you very, very much, and for all the practical tips too!!

Hypnobirthing - Group Class

Awital, Thank you for your wonderful class & positive attitude! Good luck with everything you are planning. Thank you!

Polina Brachkov

Hypnobirthing - Group Class

Dear Awital, Thank you so much for the birth preparation classes.
We feel ready and well prepared and are looking forward to the birth of our baby.

J. Hirche & H. Jebens

Birth Hypnosis - Online Coaching

Dear Awital, The Skype call today has taken away my last worries about my upcoming birth. Apart from the phone call, I always found your site very reassuring. It really helped me a lot. Whenever I had some worries, I went to your homepage and read through some things or maybe listened to the free affirmations. Thank you for helping us women and giving us strength and trust in ourselves! 


Hypnobirthing - Group Course

Hi Awital,  It was really amazing last Sunday and already took lots of fears and anxieties away. Now I am even more courious :)
Now we will work on all our “homework” and then this will be amazing : ) Take care and see you soon.

Kevin T.

Hypnobirthing - Group Class

Dear Awital, Thank you so much for the weekend intensive. I am in great spirits and feel so content and excited about everything. Great to meet everyone.

L. Gear

Birth Hypnosis - Individual Coaching

It was so great with how much competence, empathy and individual approach you accompanied me on the way to my desired birth experience. You gave me many valuable tips, supported me in dissolving my fears regarding the birth and encouraged me to trust my body. We had a dream birth and will be forever grateful to you, Awital, for it.  

Mara K.


L. Delaney Ruskeepää

Hypnobirthing – Group Class
… after getting back into the water surges got stronger and I had the wonderful experience of knowing the strength of gratitude- when I was in a surge and felt it was too much, I just thought strongly ‘I’m so grateful for this baby’. This kept me in the present moment and gave me so much strength! So lovely, because gratitude and the ‘now’ is a lot what I talk about in my yoga teaching, but then I could experience in a totally different way anew. …

Hi Awital,

Thank you for your support. The baby is here and I’m fine and so happy and relaxed. Guess what – NO second thoughts about my love for the baby and about having a second child :))) My labor was hard work, but quite fast. I was very well prepared and thanks to the classes you gave me I was so optimistic and confident. It was definitely the most incredible experience in my life. Almost metaphysical and not real… : )

Aleksandra Postola
Birth Hypnosis – Individual Coaching


M. Kontkanen

Hypnobirthing- Group Class
Hi Awital, Just a quick email to let you know that I gave birth to our lovely new daughter on Friday night. Baby weighted 3210g and is healthy. My waters broke partially in the early morning when we were still sleeping, and we spent the day at the hospital waiting. Luckily my contractions started naturally and quite soon. The baby ended up coming out left leg first and I’m happy that they didn’t find that out until quite late. Otherwise they may have sent me for a c-section. The birth went well, with both hospital doctors and a lot of other audience present whilst I pushed. We are back at home and feeling good, having a rest and getting to know the baby. Thank you again for your help. HypnoBirthing techniques were very useful again! Best wishes,


H. & J. Sagoo

Hypnobirthing – Group Class
Dear Awital I have not yet given you my praises of the course. We both really enjoyed it and felt so good afterwards. I am in such good spirits going forward and I have been using the rainbow relaxation every evening when going to bed. Since then, I have slept like a baby!!! It really has worked for me. Also all the positivity that was given to everyone in the course was mind blowing. I wish all the people in this society would be doing the same job, it is a shame that it is not like that. There are to much negativity around pregnancy and it really needs changing. You are doing a great job with this :) Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.


J. Hamel-Lavigne

Hypnobirthing – Group Class
Dear Awital, Thank you so much for this journey through your birth preparation classes. I feel prepared and look forward for the big day with confidence, that it will be one of the best of my life! Thank you for making this possible and for your teaching.


Fabienne und Christoph

Hypnobirthing – Group Class
Dear Awital, Thank you for the beautiful & humorous lessons! We enjoyed the time very much and we felt very comfortable! It is wodnerful to see that you are doing this work from the bottom of your hear!

Dear Awital,

The session with you has been so good and hlepful for me. I was just raving about you to a very dear friend of mine today. Having you by my side makes me feel so much more positive about this phase. Once again, thank you so much for supporting me with so much heart and soul!

Fertility Coaching (IVF / ICSI)


Ly Harnackel

Birth Hypnosis – Online Coaching
You have given me much strength and courage. The input to work with affirmations have helped me greatly at my birth. My daughter is now 3 months old. Keep on helping women so wonderfully, nobody should be afraid of births! The female body is made for it and my second birth without an epidural and maximum time at home was in retrospect much nicer than the first one! Bye Bye and good luck for the future! ♥️♥️♥️ Thanks!!


J & J. Terauda

Hypnobirthing – Individual Coaching
Dear Awital, I’m writing to tell you that our son Peteris was born on 2nd August. I’m writing only now because it turned out that taking care of a newborn and myself after the birth is quite a complicated thing :) So I had very little spare moments, which I mostly used for sleeping. We had a homebirth, just like we were discussing with you in Helsinki. The birth was definitely hard work! I was happy we were at home, so we could avoid unnecessary medical interventions. Baby is healthy and is feeling well. Our breastfeeding seems to be established as well, so we can enjoy all the pleasure of our new life. And there is a lot of joy to be parents indeed :). With best wishes

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