Five HypnoBirthing Myths Debunked

Mother's don't always have it easy

Sceptic About HypnoBirthing?

As with many other things, HypnoBirthing, too, undergoes some scepticism. We’ve heard it all: ‚I’ve seen the movies! There is NO way birth can be calm and relaxing!‘ Well, whatever you may have heard about birth, may or may not be the experience YOU are going to have. And that’s what I focus on at MyGentleBorn: YOUR WELL-BEING, YOUR BIRTH!

So just sit back and read these five HypnoBirthing myths that have somehow gone viral, but bear absolutely no proof or authenticity.

#1: You’re in a Hypnotic State and Not in Control during HypnoBirthing

Granted, the name itself, HypnoBirthing, does not always have a good rap. People automatically think of hypnosis where they’ll be put in a trance after following a watch on a string. Nonsense. HypnoBirthing is exactly the opposite. Instead, you’re putting yourself in a conscious mindset before, during and after birth. Completely IN control!

HypnoBirthing is a philosophy that teaches you how to bring your baby into this world in the most gentle way possible. In the MyGentleBorn HypnoBirthing course, you’ll learn how your body naturally functions to ease your baby’s passage. It’s about understanding how your body and mind work together, not a woo-woo, hippy method of giving birth.


THE TRUTH: HypnoBirthing is only successful during a conscious state of mind. You’ll feel more in control of your body during HypnoBirthing than ever before.

„The mind is capable of anything – because everything is in it, all the past, as well as all the future.“

Joseph Conrad


#2: HypnoBirthing is Only for Vaginal Births

Statistically, there are more vaginal HypnoBirths than via c-section. Only because that’s what many HypnoBirthing parents want. The trend for having a vaginal birth is slowly on the rise after witnessing a large increase in cesarean births due to convenience and fear. The more women learn about their bodies and the birthing process, the less scared they are about it. Education wipes out fear.

But, just so that we’re clear. Using HypnoBirthing does not guarantee a vaginal birth. HypnoBirthing is the best preparation you can do for a vaginal birth, but if something happens and you have to have a c-section, then HypnoBirthing will at least teach you to accept the situation and remain calm.


AND, even those women who plan a c-section can still benefit from HypnoBirthing. Many techniques can be used later after the baby comes as explained in #5 below. HypnoBirthing teaches options that caretakers sometimes don’t mention, e.g. delayed cord clamping and washing to strengthen your baby’s immune system! It also provides you with the knowledge and confidence to say yes or no or to speak up when options aren’t automatically offered.

Read how HypnoBirthing could have helped Jessica, who knew she had to have a c-section from day one. With HypnoBirthing, she believes she would have had a more positive birth.


THE TRUTH: HypnoBirthing is for anyone who wants to have a pleasant birthing experience. Period.

#3: HypnoBirthing Means NO Pain During Birth

The only guarantees in life are death and taxes. So, no, HypnoBirthing does not guarantee a pain-free birth. I’m sorry, I wish it could!

Pain is relative and everyone has their own threshold. What HypnoBirthing does is direct your energy and your focus on something else, e.g. helping your baby move along. It also teaches you different birthing positions and things your partner can do that will support your comfort.


THE TRUTH: HypnoBirthing can be gentle, but you may also feel pressure or slight discomfort.

#4: Midwives and Doctors don’t Support HypnoBirthing

Well that’s just plain rubbish. Sure, when you tell your doctors that you read something on the internet, they cringe, but not when you tell them you want to use HypnoBirthing. They just may not all be familiar with HypnoBirthing, that’s all.

HypnoBirthing teaches you how to easily and effectively communicate with your care providers. And when that conversation takes place early enough, there won’t be any confusion later.


THE TRUTH: Doctors and midwives want to work with relaxed, unafraid and informed parents.

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HypnoBirthing is for you if you want a pleasant birthing experience. Period.

#5: HypnoBirthing is Only About Birth

The moment you learn to relax and stay calm during your child’s 5th birthday party with 15 other 5 year olds is when you realize HypnoBirthing can be used in any situation.

In HypnoBirthing, Relaxation, Breathing and Visualization techniques are taught to prepare you for a comfortable birth.

But in reality, the tools and techniques taught in HypnoBirthing can help you with normal everyday situations e.g. a child’s party, holiday stress, house repairs, as well as in preparation for a big event coming up, such as running a marathon, giving a presentation at work, moving, etc.

Soon, classes for HypnoMothering will begin in which these same techniques are used to calm your nerves during stressful parent situations. We’ve all experienced them, but it’s how you handle them that makes all the difference in the world.


THE TRUTH: HypnoBirthing is life-changing.

HypnoBirthing Focuses on Your Well-Being

At MyGentleBorn, I place the focus on your well-being. Sometimes, a c-section or an epidural is necessary or desired and that is OK. It’s your choice how you birth!

What’s more important is how you feel. During your childbirth course, you’ll find out what comfortable and gentle means for you and plan for that kind of a birth.


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