Get Your Priorities Straight:
Birth is More Important

Keep a positive mindset about your birth

Thinking about signing up for a HypnoBirthing Course, but worried about the cost?

I have only one thing to say: If you care about your own feelings and the health of your baby, continue reading. If not, you may want to leave because you’re wasting your time here.

I don’t want to sound rude or unwelcoming, but I also want to make it very clear that your birth is more important than your vintage stroller.

Message in a Bottle, er, I mean, Birth Path

Vintage strollers, brand named onesies and Tiffany rattles. How many mothers-to-be are currently in a shopping trance, buying the highest quality stuff for their baby?

I was surprised to hear the story a friend’s friend who bought a vintage stroller for about 1,800 EUR because it was so pretty. She then pushed it aside because it wasn’t a smooth ride and was forced to buy a more practical one for only a few hundred euros.

Do you think your baby cares what the stroller looks like or that it’s wearing a Calvin Klein onesie instead of a no name brand? Of course not. And neither do the other mothers you hang out with. If they do, well, maybe you’re hanging out with the wrong crowd, but that’s not for me to judge, I’m just saying…

The way you welcome your baby into this world is more important than anything you can buy for it afterwards.

Your baby receives its very first message about life the moment it’s born.

What message do you want to send your baby? A nasty one filled with tools, masked strangers, noise and stress? Or a calm, gentle message filled with love, your warm touch and lots of time?

Well, when you put it that way, of course the latter.

„The way a culture treats women in birth is a good indicator of how well women and their contributions to society are valued and honored.“

Ina May Gaskin

Author of 'Birth Matters: A Midwife's Manifesta'

It’s Your Body: Take Back Control of It

If you can spend a ton of money on a stroller, than why not on preparing for your birth?

Wait a minute, what? I have to spend money to prepare for birth? That’s ridiculous! Birth is organized for me. And, it’s almost free.

True: You get pregnant and after that, it’s up to you to listen to your doctors and do exactly what they say because they know best, right?

And, if you also live in Switzerland, the cost is more or less covered. So, all you have to do is arrive on time, give birth as told, offer your breast afterwards and then go home and figure it all out by yourself. YES, that sounds like a good plan!

Pregnant couple relaxing

Since you are fearful of birth and believe doctors know best, you enable them to take full control of your body the minute you get pregnant.

In fact, it seems to be the only time when you completely lose control, ‚cause when you think about it, you only look into alternative approaches when it comes to cancer or other illnesses, don’t you?

What you may not realize is that handing over this immense responsibility to the hospital staff puts a higher risk to the health of your baby. And to your mental health. If you haven’t already read why birth matters, please do so now.

The Health Risk of Unnecessary C-Sections

In Switzerland, 33% of births are via c-section. In Brazil, it’s a whopping 54% and in some clinics in Brazil, 90% of births are via c-section. The reason for this is that it’s easier for the staff and family to plan and it takes away the fear of pain.

It certainly doesn’t take away pain though. I know some women who experienced weeks of pain after a cesarean. I personally can’t compare. I, myself, experienced 4 gentle births via HypnoBirthing and only felt a tightening and lots of energy in my womb and my vagina, but it was not pain.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I’m not against c-sections! They can save lives, but I also believe this to be true: If more women knew the facts about birth and the options and advantages of HypnoBirthing, that number of c-sections would drastically decline and more babies would be healthy.

Studies have shown that children born via c-sections have an altered immune defense because when they are born in a sterile atmosphere, their immune system is not ‚prepared‘ for normal everyday bacteria, like children who go through the birth path. You can read more about the microbe exposure here. This puts them at a higher risk for allergies, asthma, intestinal illnesses and/or diabetes.

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The way your baby is welcomed into this world is more important than anything you can buy for it afterwards.

Get Your Priorities Straight:
You and Your Baby are More Important

I often speak with other childbirth practitioners and we all agree on one thing: We, as a society, have our priorities all screwed up, excuse my language. We tend to value material things more than experiences.

The most common excuse I’ve heard is this: ‚I’m kinda broke now, we’ve just bought a new car and all this stuff for the baby, so I can’t sign up for your childbirth class‘. And then I hear afterwards about the traumatic birth experience at the hospital.

In these moments, my heart sinks and I begin to tear up. I can’t imagine what the mothers go through emotionally. And then, I feel guilty. Maybe I should have been a bit more clear about what could happen? Maybe I should have written up case studies about this to give examples? Some people need more convincing than others, maybe I should have called just one more time?

But, in the end, it all boils down to how you set your priorities. Maybe the super expensive vintage stroller is more important right now and there is nothing I could say or do to change your mind.

But let me also make one thing clear. I adored shopping during all my pregnancies and I know you do too and that is OK. All I’m stressing is that if you can afford a super expensive vintage stroller, you certainly can afford going to a childbirth course.

It’s just that I don’t want this to happen to you or anyone you know. Birth is a short one-time only event and by far, THE most important event in your life. Make it rock!

How to Rock Your Birth

There are no guarantees in birth, but you can try to make it the best experience ever if you plan it and train for it. Your doctors won’t help you with this. They won’t spend time on you, but that’s OK, you don’t need them! You have your beloved partner and a midwife, which I highly recommend, to help you through the actual birth process.

As a HypnoBirthing practitioner, I have time for you and would love to help you every step of the way leading up to your birth.

I teach HypnoBirthing courses in Baden, Switzerland. And also offer 1:1 online sessions via skype to those who are unable to participate in my courses.

I’ve been teaching courses in childbirth since 2010 and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Sign up for a course today and let’s plan for your best birth ever together. It’s a small investment now, but a lifetime investment for you and your baby. You can’t put a price tag on that!


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