How Newborn Bodies Adjust to Make Childbirth Easier

Newborn Baby

Would you like to know how to make childbirth easier? What I am about to reveal to you now is something every woman should know. Actually, they should be told by their doctors and midwives at their big screening around 21 weeks of gestation and then hear it over and over again.

I always ask myself ‚why don’t they do it?‘ Why keep it a secret? It’s the best news ever!!! Instead, they measure the baby, making a huge deal about how big they are, how heavy, how great our technology is nowadays, etc. instead of focusing on what’s really important.

Same Old Story

Doctor: “Oh, it’s a BOY!!!” Congratulations! He’s gonna be big like his daddy!!

Mother (thinking): „Oh dear, and this is only week 21!! How am I ever going to push out this baby?

We do more harm than good with such news. Mothers are confused and don’t really know what to do with this information. They are constantly faced with stuff that triggers fear. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear something along these lines instead:

Doctor: ”It’s a BOY! Lovely, Congrats! He sure is a strong young man. Want to know a little secret about how the baby’s head adjusts to the mother’s birth path (vaginal outlet)? It actually doesn’t matter at all what size your baby is going to be because he’ll adjust to your body to make birth easy. Let me show you how.”


Our bodies are truly amazing, especially when it comes to childbirth. Not only do we use our relaxed bodies to relatively painlessly birth our babies, our newborns’ bodies adjust to make their passage easier.

When our babies are getting ready to be born, ideally they turn around for a headfirst delivery. A baby’s skull is soft, flexible and has space between the bone plates so that their head changes, aka ‘molding’, to be able to fit through the birth path. The skull bone plates can even overlap each other, reducing the circumference of the head and adjust to the mother’s birth path. Mother, Baby and nature are truly working together making this birth as easy and gentle as it can be. We just need to trust again. Hearing this kind of news helps.

Fontanel Moulding Helped this baby come out easier

„The much feared passing of the baby’s head through the birth path is not more difficult than any other part of labor when you consider that there is a flexible membranous material, much like a heavy canvas fabric (fontanels), surrounding the bones at the top and back of the baby’s head.“

Marie F. Mongan

HypnoBirthing Institute Founder

Once born, the bones move into their normal position, which creates the fontanel space, otherwise known as the ‘soft spot’. It is protected by a thick membrane and may take over a year to close up.

So, if your baby comes out looking like a conehead, don’t worry, instead, just smile and be proud because that just proves what an adaptable newborn you have! It is normal in natural childbirth and this oblong shape rounds out again within a few days, so take a bunch of pictures while you can!

During my HypnoBirthing course, I teach this part, explaining and showing very specifically how it works. 90 % of women and their partners have never heard about this. I can always see in their faces how relieved they are. Isn’t this great news? It’s something that every women should know!

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Our newborns’ bodies adjust to make their passage in childbirth easier.

I would love to hear from you, how you felt after hearing this news and whether your doctor already made some comments about your baby’s size and how that made you feel?

If you can not find a suitable time for a class, please contact me so that we can work something out.


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