Why I’m a Huge Fan of HypnoBirthing and Why it Really Works

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HypnoBirthing is a Tool for Life After Birth

HypnoBirthing, as stated in Marie Mongan’s Book: „… is as much a philosophy of birth as it is a technique or method for birthing.“

And I take it even further than that: It works beyond birth. It’s a tool for life.

But first, What is a philosophy anyway? When we think of the word philosophy, we think of ideals, values, way of life. Our own personal philosophy guides us every day and through every decision. HypnoBirthing is considered a philosophy because it helps us stay grounded.

What Turned Me on to HypnoBirthing?

What I truly love about HypnoBirthing is that it equips you with tools for birth. It doesn’t tell you to breathe, relax, what the role of your partner has, etc. NO, it gives you actual tools and in the MyGentleBorn course based on HypnoBirthing, you’ll learn how to use them.

And when you’re about to give birth, you’ll feel totally prepared because you’ll have a drawer to pull out for almost every situation. Things cannot be planned 100% of course, but I would guess at least 80%. I always underline this in my course: Be open to whatever turn your birthing takes.

HypnoBirthing Couple in one of my Classes

I came across a wonderful quote from a great midwife and women I dearly admire, Kiria Silke Vandekamp, who just hosted the BIRTH, SEX and SPIRIT online congress (in German). This statement is so much in line to what I always tell couples during the MyGentleBorn birth preparation classes.

„A woman usually gives birth to how she lives. If you want a natural, relaxed birth, begin by living naturally and relaxed. You must take responsibility for your birth. It’s like most things in life: 80% is preparation, 20% is chance.“

Kiria Silke Vandekamp


Why HypnoBirthing Goes Beyond Birth

But now back to my initial question about philosophy and why HypnoBirthing even works beyond birth.

I would like to illustrate the answer by my personal happenings of last week, the week right before Christmas. Whew, was it an awful week.

I had that week all planned out in respect to my work. I wanted to write 2 blog articles so they are ready for my marketing fairy, Jessica, to publish them on my website and make sure the newsletter is all set in Mailchimp. I wanted to plan all my Facebook posts so that I don’t have anything to do with that until after Christmas break on January 8th. There was a list of emails waiting to be answered and last but not least, the most important thing on my list; I wanted to finish my business outline for 2017.

Instead of doing all that, my whole family got sick. Last Friday, my husband came back from a business trip. He was gone for 12 days. Saturday, we had a housewarming party and then Sunday, my little girl started getting sick. My son survived his birthday on Monday, the 19th, but got sick right after that. Then my hubby and my kids, number 3 and 4, were next. As always, I stayed healthy to make sure I could take care of everybody else, ‚cause they certainly weren’t going to do it themselves.

It was a rough week. There was no chance of getting any of the above mentioned things done. I was running around like a madwoman catering to their needs: „Mommy, I need water“, „can you sit at my bed“, „I need to be carried“, „I’m hungry“, „I feel dizzy“, etc. At one point, I felt like giving up. I couldn’t take it anymore and I was frustrated.

The same can happen during birth. You prepare really well and you think you have it all figured out. You have your to do list, you put on music, do a light touch massage, etc. You even booked a doula and then boom, the unexpected comes!

Labor slows down. 5 hours of planned birth turns into 12. You just can’t relax the way you thought as the waves are coming closer together. You need to get out of the birthing pool because the shoulder of the baby is a bit stuck and the midwife can’t reach properly.

At some point that week, I realized I don’t want to be frustrated and I have to be open now to whatever turn this day takes, because if I fight against it, it will just get worse and I will get even more frustrated and start yelling at the kids or my hubby, which was definitely not my intention.

I took a deep breath and thought about the many challenging life situations I dealt with before learning about HypnoBirthing.


And so I did. I just gave in to this moment with still 3 sick and cranky kids and husband. I consciously let go of my to do list and reminded myself that it will all be fine in the end.

Would you believe that my new attitude gave me a much more relaxed approach to the rest of the week. I just accepted everything the way it was. I was breathing deeply and just went with the flow of the day, knowing that at one point they will all be asleep and that will give me some time to get a few things done.

You Always Have a Choice

Like me, you now have 2 choices. Either you stay stubborn and stick to your plan and then get frustrated when things don’t move along OR you accept the situation and adapt to it.

It’s a fact that we cannot plan everything 100%, birth included. There will always be about 20% left where we have to stay open minded, flexible and adapt to whatever turn our birthing takes. If you can let go and give your birth over to your body, it will unfold in the most beautiful way. Sometimes, there will still be some stones along the way but they will not hinder you.

And with this comparison, I hope you now understand why this philosophy can even go beyond birth. I’ve used it so often during the past 10 years. Ever since I started my training to become a HypnoBirthing Practitioner, I’ve always found so many parallels to the philosophy of HypnoBirthing in everyday life. Funny how that happens.

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„If you can let go though and give your birth over to your body, it will unfold in the most beautiful way“

Here are some tools that can be implemented in everyday situations:

  • Breathing
  • Relaxation
  • Visualization
  • Good nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Affirmations
  • The power of the mind

I’m also a Postpartum Doula and will soon be teaching HypnoMothering Courses as well.

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