Listen to Your Body to Find the Right Birthing Position

Finding the Right Birthing Position

What is the Right Birthing Position?

Ever wonder why non-human mammals don’t lie on their backs during birth? Nor do women in 3rd world or developing countries. Why not? Their instincts tell them that it’s unnatural.

Well, it’s counterproductive for us too. Lying on your back closes your pelvis by 30% which increases delivery time and pain!

Why on earth then do many women give birth on their backs? Because it’s either easier for the doctor and team to do their work, an epidural can restrict movement or maybe even because the personnel is inexperienced with alternative positions.

As sad as it may sound, that’s the way it’ll be for you unless you take a more active role in your birth. If you find alternative birthing positions, you will make it easier for you and your baby.

„Keeping active during labour and adopting natural, upright or crouching birth positions is the safest, most enjoyable, most economical and sensible way for the majority of women to give birth.“

Janet Balaskas

What Birthing Positions are Natural and Effective?

One position may be right for one woman, but maybe not for you. The most foolproof way is to get familiar with several positions, practice them and when your big day comes, to do what you feel is best. This isn’t a prison, you are free to do whatever makes you feel good, so changing your position may also be necessary.

Ask your partner or midwife to help you get into the various positions during birth. They may need to stop you from getting mentally ’stuck‘ in one position if it’s not effective.

In between surges, you could also walk, dance or just move your hips back and forth. This has also been proven to work beautifully.

Below are a few birthing positions to try during your pregnancy so that you’re ready for your big day. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Natural Birthing Positions:

  • Squatting: For support, hold on to 2 people, one on each side
  • Kneeling: Have someone hold your arms up for counterforce
  • Sitting: Try using a birth stool
  • Exercise Ball: Rolling back and forth
  • Down on all Fours: Hands and knees
  • Semi-reclined in bed
  • Asymmetric: Semi sitting or reclining, put one foot higher than the other
  • Standing
  • Change from leaning forward to arched back: This helps the baby move through the j-shaped birth canal.
  • Lying on side
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„Lying on your back during childbirth closes your pelvis by 30% which increases delivery time and pain!“

Listen to Your Body

We can learn a lot just watching nature and observing animals in their natural environment. They are usually all alone when they give birth, with no interference. Not to say you should be doing this alone. I’m just saying that there are times when doctors and healthcare professionals are needed and times when they are not.

You’re not sick, you are bringing life into this world, the most precious gift we can give. So listen to your body and your baby. Their cues are usually very strong and quite powerful.

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