Tiffany’s Birth Story


My first pregnancy, though successful, left me feeling like my labor was “out of control” and I was disappointed in how things progressed on that special day. Once the doctors assured me that I could try for a vaginal delivery after cesarean (VBAC) for my second child, I started doing some research. I stumbled across Awital at MyGentleBorn.

Awital was eager to help us in this late stage of pregnancy. Ideally I should have taken these classes sooner, so we had to cram several private lessons in during my last month of pregnancy. There was no problem doing this and Awital was very accommodating and open to meet around our schedule.

The MyGentleBorn birth preparation classes were very informative, but most importantly they instilled in me a positive attitude for the experience ahead of me. I was quite nervous about attempting a VBAC, but I feel the breathing, relaxation and visualization techniques gave me the courage and strength to face it head on without nerves. When my contractions started, I wasn’t afraid but I had a “game plan” and was ready to move forward. (Whereas with my first child, I felt like I “froze” the minute contractions started.)

With the help of the tools I have learnt in class. I was able to labor at home for several hours before heading to the hospital. With my first, I was at the hospital when barely dilated to 1 cm , but with this child I was already at 5 cm and progressing quickly by the time I got to the hospital. Throughout the labor, both at home and at the hospital, I listened to the positive affirmations CD. I believe it helped to keep me calm and focused; in fact so calm that I was able to take a nap at the hospital before the final stage of pushing.

After delivery, having succeeded in my VBAC, I felt so energetic and empowered as a woman. (Quite contrary to my first delivery in which I felt the doctors had taken over control and left me feeling defeated, tired and down.) Having the tools of the MyGentleBorn birth preparation class – based on the Hypnobirthing techniques and philosophie – really made a difference and kept me positive and motivated to continue. At the end, I felt like I had maintained control and had the birth experience I had wished for. This positive experience replaced the negative emotions I had carried from my first pregnancy. As an added bonus, I feel like the positive talk and thoughts that HypnoBirthing introduces to you carries over into all areas of your life. You become a better parent, spouse, and friend when you are supportive and positive about life in general. What a special gift Awital at MyGentleBorn gave us!

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