What Do Pregnant Women Fear Most?

And Why?

Visualize a Gentle Birth

As a business owner, I always try to improve my services. I recently conducted a survey to find out more details about my ideal customers. Who are those wonderful ladies out there I want to work with? Those who need my help most.

I knew already that I love working with expats, couples from other countries or couples that come form different cultural backgrounds as I experienced that myself living abroad for almost 10 years. I know what it feels like when you get pregnant in a foreign country. Your family’s not around and you have no clue how the health system works.

As the survey results came in, I expected to read about what I believed in and the fears I personally had. I thought everybody out there was kind of like me. Ha ha, what a stupid idea! Instead, I received completely different answers!

I was so surprised to read that many pregnant women fear having an unhealthy baby.

It’s very difficult for us to believe in the good and the positive. It’s much easier to picture a dramatic birth or unhealthy newborn. Where IS this coming from?

The problem nowadays is that we have access to too much information. When we hear a horrible birth story or a friend telling us about their baby who had an XYZ issue at birth, we immediately google it. And of course, find scary things. Pictures of babies with terrible disabilities, articles about … I don’t even want to go there!

Even in my family, this happened. My own sister had a baby born with a hearing disability because of a virus she caught during pregnancy.

Conclusion: We are constantly confronted and surrounded with those negative stories.

„Birth is a natural, normal physiological function for normal, healthy women and their healthy babies. It can, therefore, be inferred that healthy women, carrying healthy babies, can safely birth without peril or pain.“

Dr. Jonathan Dye

“Easier Childbirth“, 1981

What is the Reality?

Have you ever asked yourself or analyzed how little we hear about positive birth stories or healthy babies even though 90% of all babies are born healthy? Yes, 90%!

That’s nothing special or sensational. It’s actually boring, making it not interesting enough for the media, right? So, THAT’S why we don’t hear about them! Imagine if the tv shows „Birth day“ or „Deliver me“ would only show beautiful, calm births? I think it’d be great! I could watch that all day long… : ) BUT, it wouldn’t sell well, hence the drama…

90% of all Babies are born healthy
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„Pregnant women fear childbirth, yet 90% of all Babies are born healthy, so think positively!“

What can we do about this fear?
How can we elevate this stress?

For many women, giving birth will most likely be the most amazing experience and yet, it brings about many fears and anxiety. In reality though, it’s natural and even simple as long as you prepare and train for it.

Since you want a healthy baby and a calm and gentle birthing experience, I highly suggest to only concentrate on the positive from now on!

Your mind is your most powerful organ and by feeding it with positive thoughts, it will guide your body into doing amazing things.

Positive energy can be absorbed through many different channels. One known successful method is via VISUALIZATION.

Visualization Techniques – Try It Today!

There are many forms of visualization and one is watching positive birth movies. Another one is to visualize your own birth and actually seeing you baby coming out healthy!

So how can I do that, you may ask if you have never given birth and don’t know what it feels like? From now on, just sit down and picture your baby coming into this world healthy. With good skin color, breathing normally, breastfeeding immediately, etc.

Do this at least once a day for just for a few minutes. If you’re struggling with this and still find it easier to picture horror stories, try digging deeper and take notes:
1. Sit down and just write whatever comes into your mind
2. Add feelings to your story
3. Be very specific: no hair, lots of hair, eye color, smell, very wrinkly, etc.

It’s all about your attitude and Mind over Matter.

Of course we can’t change and control everything. Sometimes a baby is born unhealthy or something else goes wrong, but I firmly believe we only get what we can handle!

So please, stay positive – you got this!


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