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Awital loves her work as a HypnoBirthing and HypnoMothering Practitioner

Hi, it’s me, Awital, owner and founder of MyGentleBorn. I’m a HypnoBirthing and HypnoMothering Practitioner, a Hypnotherapist, Postpartum Doula, Health Coach, Mother of 4, Wife, Ballet Dancer, a Ski Fanatic a Life Lover and much, much more.

You know, I didn’t go to the University thinking, ‚Hey, I want to become a HypnoBirthing Practitioner‘. I just wanted to get my studies in Exercise Science and dance and understand the connection between mind and body during exercise and beyond! But then something amazing happened. I got pregnant while still studying…

How HypnoBirthing Changed my Life

I knew I wanted a different kind of birth. One that I could feel really good about, so I started looking for alternatives and stumbled upon HypnoBirthing. Ohhh and let me tell you how sceptic I was in the beginning, hypno, hypno… what please? I started reading, educating myself and met Lorie McCoy – my wonderful trainer, personal coach Doula and friend – and it all changed my life forever.

Ten years and 4 HypnoBirths later, I’m still enthusiastic about helping women with their birthing experience. Let me tell you why.

Because Birth Matters

I’ve said this over and over again because I strongly believe in it. Birth really does matter. Most HypnoBirthing babies are born gently in a calm atmosphere which is the absolute best way to enter this world. Hands down. I go even further then that and say: it affects our live both the mother and the baby way beyond birth. I am wondering how our world would look like if all human being would enter the world in a safe, calm and loving environment. Would the world look different? I’d say YES!!

There are still only a relatively small number of studies assessing the use of hypnosis for labour and childbirth.(https://www.cochranelibrary.com/) I’m just convinced you’d agree that entering into the arms of a relaxed mother in a loving, calm atmosphere is just better. For both you and your baby.

Not that a non-HypnoBaby isn’t born like that, but your chances are lower if you don’t practice and plan for a gentle birth. It’s kinda like driving for the first time. You learned and practiced before you took your driving test, right? What would have happened if you hadn’t? FAIL.


Birth Is Empowering

I usually meet with my former students who’ve taken the MyGentleBorn Childbirth Course after they birth their baby. It’s very empowering for them. But also for me, especially when they share their birth stories.

I want birth to empower you too. I want you to know your options and the tools and techniques to experience the birth you want. I want your baby to be welcomed in the most relaxed, calm and pleasant atmosphere and feel your love right away. And if I experienced it and can do it, so CAN YOU!

That matters to me and is one reason why I teach HypnoBirthing.

„Dear Awital, Thank you so much for guiding us through the last 5 weeks of your birth preparation classes. From the very beginning, the classes completely changed my perspective of childbirth as a daunting, scary, painful experience to the natural, special and easier experience it can and will be (all going according to plan!). Now we are really looking forward to it and of course to meeting our little miracle! So thank you very, very much, and for all the practical tips too!“

M. & J. Wall

MyGentleBorn Mommy

I Love My Strong & Loving Community of Amazing Women

There’s nothing more interesting than conversing with a diverse group of wonderful women. I, myself, have lived in Switzerland (native), the US and Finland and if you notice, the women on my Facebook page are extremely diverse. We’re a group of mothers and mothers-to-be with different cultural backgrounds and fully support each other.

It’s a safe place and we all share this feeling of belonging. No one will judge you on your choices. If you want an epidural, that’s perfectly fine. If you want a c-section, go for it. Just as long as you make a firm commitment to your health and well being and that of your baby’s.

A Few Words about C-Sections & Doctor Interventions

There are a few myths about HypnoBirthing and one is that it’s only for natural births with no interventions. That’s just not true.
Of course I would love to see this change happening in the Birthing World – only natural birth with no interventions – I know I am a dreamer…

Even if you’re planning a c-section for whatever reason, there are many ways HypnoBirthing can still help you. Whether it’s how to effectively communicate with your hospital staff, know your options for right after birth or how to prepare yourself for the pain after the anesthesia wears off. Even writing your birth story before giving birth will help you have a pleasant caesarian experience.

With so many wonderful women in my life, I feel truly blessed and loved. Thank you for being a part of our community!

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Why I teach HypnoBirthing: Because Birth Matters. Because birth is empowering. Because I support the Birth Revolution.

The Birth Revolution

HypnoBirthing course

I believe in what I teach: You can have the birth you want. A pleasant and gentle birth.

I also believe it’s a communal effort. Without HypnoBirthing, my coach, doula, husband or the caretakers that respected my wishes, I would not have experienced 4 beautiful births.

With your own personal support group, you too will have the best foundation for a wonderful birthing experience.

The Most Welcomed Paradigm Shift in Birth

There’s a current shift in how women give birth. Documentaries are being made. Awareness spread. HypnoBirthing is becoming more of a common term and the % of natural births is on the rise.

With the help of various professionals in the birthing sector, I truly believe we can change the way women give birth. To a more natural, non-forced, non-aggressive way. With less unnecessary interventions and more care, love and respect. One that keeps the wishes of the pregnant couple in mind, but also brings with it knowledge and understanding when doctors do have to intervene.

What needs to happen is communication. Where there is communication, there is understanding. Where there is understanding, there is love. So, if we can start the conversation between doctors, caretakers, doulas, midwives, HypnoBirthing practitioners and pregnant women to discuss The Birth Revolution, more women will benefit from experiencing birth in the most natural and fantastic way.

With this vision, I have great plans that will be announced soon enough. ‚Til then, cherish every moment and if you haven’t already, like my Facebook page and start getting in on the conversation.


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