Why You Really Should Create a Birth Plan

Thinking about your birth plan

Diving Right In

When I started to blog, I sometimes didn’t know where to start. I had a ton of ideas, but before I put that first word on the page, I blanked out. Every. Single. Time.

What saved me after a few times of experiencing that? A good outline. A plan of getting my thoughts together. I could have continued diving right in and just typing away, but this took more time and I got frustrated.

Can you think of a similar situation? Perhaps when organizing a family or school event or even your vacation? Or do you just throw a dart on the wall map and take off without any preparation? Ooohhh, that would be cool, wouldn’t it?

Spontaneity is wonderful. Sometimes. But don’t you also like to know where you’re going and at least read the hotel reviews before booking? And then right before your trip, look to see what the weather’s going to be like, if there are any local events during the time of your stay and even roughly map out a few sightseeing activities?

Why do you do this? To get the most pleasure out of your vacation experience and decrease disappointment.

You Can’t Plan Your Birth

Who said that? Of course you can! Because if you don’t, your caretakers will and they don’t always ask your opinion! They’ll end up doing what makes their job easier, not necessarily what makes you happier.

And remember, birth is not spontaneous. It never comes unexpected. The moment you got pregnant, you knew you were going to give birth, so there’s no excuse for thinking you have no control. Birth IS plannable!

You may not experience your birth 100% exactly how you planned it, but you’d be surprised as to how many women have achieved this via HypnoBirthing. Watch the video above and listen to how one MyGentleBorn mommy prepared for her birth and what the actual result was. Amazing things really do happen!

What Can a Birth Plan Do For You?

Set the Tone and Direction for Your Birth

During labor, you may not have enough common sense or energy to answer important questions from your caretakers. If you have a birth plan, they can just refer to it and you can remain at ease. You won’t have to think.

Let You Get What You Want

With a birth plan, you set the foundation for YOUR birth, not your caretaker’s. This not only gives you control over your own body, it makes you the boss of the whole situation.

Increase Your Knowledge of Birth, Your Body and Your Baby

Creating a birth plan can be vague or detailed, depending on your preference. When you find out what’s possible and what’s best for you and your baby, you not only feel empowered, but pretty darn amazed to learn how incredible your body truly is.

Achieve Your Goal: Your Ideal Birth

The reason why you’re here is to have the best birth experience possible. When you plan, you automatically find it easier to achieve your goals. That goes with anything in life. Whether it’s your vacation, a family event or your birth. Winging it is nice sometimes, no doubt, but maybe not recommended for the important event in your life.

Common Sense Clause: You may not reap all these benefits. Some things may happen during birth that you have no control over, e.g. in an emergency situation, your birth plan is no longer a priority and you just have to listen to your doctor.

„A woman normally gives birth like she lives her life. IF you want a natural and relaxing birth, you have to begin to live a natural and relaxing life. You have to take responsibility of your birth. Just like with most things in life: 80% ist Planing, 20% ist Coincidence.“

Kiria Silke Vandekamp

Where Do I Start?

OK, so you’re not convinced you want to write your birth plan. Good for you! Are you now asking yourself how to start? Good question. At least here, you won’t have to worry about writer’s block!

A birth plan is a short document that explains how YOU want to give birth. In it, you’ll note what makes you feel comfortable and safe. You’ll also define what you definitely – under no circumstances – want to happen and what you will agree to ‚only in an emergency‘ and possibly give a few examples of such an emergency.

Keep it short (no longer than 1 page) and use bullet points for clear and easy reading because your caretakers are only human and will not spend the time to read a 10 page report. Save your wonderful writing skills for your personal birth story afterwards.

To help you write your birth plan, I designed a template to follow. Download it here and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Who’s the Boss? With a birth plan, you set the foundation for YOUR birth, not your caretaker’s.

Keep an Open Mind and Be Flexible

Please also keep an open mind and accept the fact right now that some things may happen during birth that you have no control over. In a life or death situation, your birth plan is no longer a priority and you just have to do what the doctor says. Period.

Or, things may arise that you didn’t expect, e.g. your birth is taking longer than you planned or you’ve tried all positions you wrote down, but they’re not working. Whatever the situation, just try to ease your mind. You can’t control EVERYthing. Nature is nature. Relax, breathe, stay flexible and listen to what your body is telling you at that moment. If you’re stressing about it, you’ll have an even tougher time.

On your big day, I wish you the most pleasant birth you can experience. If you’re interested in finding out all your birthing options to be able to write a detailed birth plan, please contact me.


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